Ekolu - It's the way I feel about you lyrics

Do you remember, that cozy summer night
Back In September, how the moon It was so right
And that moment still lingers In my mind
Sitting alone yeah, reminiscing of that night
You're lip's on mine, the gleaming In you're eyes
That special feeling still linger's In my mind

It's the way I feel about you, every time I hold you In my arms
I could never live without you, girl you know that you're the only one
And forever I'll hold you In my heart

Tell me you remember, When you came and sat so close to me
Could you hear my heart whisper, telling you that you are all I need
A glimpse of your smile tells me this was meant to be yeah


Love Is a blessing, oh that comes once In life
Some take It for granted, oh but not this love of mine
She's someone I'll treasure for the rest of my life


End:(Repeat 2x then fade)

It's the way I feel, It's the way I feel,... It's the way I feel about you