Fiji - Jowenna

1st Verse:
I'm tryin' to hold myself right now
(I know you been watching a long time)
some times my heart feels like it's gonna hit the ground
(every time I look in your eyes)
I'm gonna have to keep myself together as long as your around
every time I come out it's sunshine weather in my little Hilo town

It's only natural for me to feel this way about you
you're the world's most beautiful girl
it's only natural for me to be so protective about you
oh my sweet hawaiian girl

2nd Verse:
It breaks my heart to see my island kings
(do nothing but use and abuse them)
thinking they can take that beauty away
(they could never, they could never)
I know I came from a woman that looks just like her
so I can never live with myself
if I have to hurt something so precious
(back to chorus)

What a.... what a gal
Travel the world from the start to the end and
never find a woman like you ever again
I know love is for real I know it's not pretend
I want you with me to the end
you could be my wife, we could build a life
we can come together make the wrong things right
please open your eyes we can win a prize
naturally loving you hawaiian style
hawaiian girl
(back to chorus)